Duvet or comforter: what to choose?

Comfort of your sleep depends not only on the quality of your bed and mattress, but also on the toppers. Generally, there are two types of toppers to choose from — a duvet and a comforter; but not all know what makes them different and what would fit the bed better. 


First, the main difference between a duvet and a comforter is that the former one needs a cover, and the latter one doesn’t. A duvet is a plain topper that is filled with something warm, so to make it prettier you will need some accessories. 

Duvets are very easy to care for because, as a rule, they don’t get dirty and you will only need to wash their covers. Moreover, you can change covers as often as you want, thus changing the design of your bedroom. 

The main drawback of a duvet is the need to change covers, and it’s actually the worst thing to do; also sometimes the covers don’t keep your duvet in one place, and the inside get slumped in one corner. 


Comforters don’t require any covers, so they can be topped on the bed straightaway. They’re soft and warm and may come both in one-color design or with colorful prints. 

With a comforter you don’t need to get stressed about changing covers and picking a cover that matches your general aesthetic — they’re usually come in sets with coordinating pillows. Basically, they’re the lazy choice — you buy one or two comforters and stick with them.

However, they’re more difficult to clean, and you can’t change them as often as the duvet covers because they’re more expensive. 

These were the main pros and cons of duvets and comforters, but you’re the only one who can decide what’s better for you.

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