Organizing and storage tips

We all have some small items that are just laying around in no particular order and create a mess around the house. For making your space neat and tidy you will need to come up with some storage solutions. 

If you don’t have much space 

Some rooms are already small and full of furniture, so adding extra storage items will be not only very difficult but it will also create a feeling of stuffiness. To solve this problem you would need such storage facilities that don’t take much space. For example, this hanging storage shelf can be attached to a desk, so it doesn’t actually interfere with only other objects and doesn’t take more space. 

If you want to modify the storage

Sometimes it’s important to be able to move storage facilities to other places or just adjust their position, so if this aspect is important to you — get some shelves that are not fixated. These adjustable storage shelves can be modified in size and position, which is perfect for movability. 

If you don’t want your storage items to be seeable

Sometimes we just need something to store out things in and then put them away, because we don’t use these items that often. Baskets and boxes are perfect for that purpose: you can put away your possessions in a basket or a box and put it in your wardrobe, desk or under the bed. 

If you need to organize your eatables

Tidy and neat kitchen is something that we all want but rarely achieve because there’re just too many things there. And here’s when bottles and jars come into play: with them you can easily store all your spices, nuts, pasta, treats and more; and as a result you’ll get a much cleaner kitchen space.

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