What you need to know about bedroom design

A bedroom is your private space and you probably enjoy spending your free time there in order to relax. We believe there is nothing better than a visually pleasant bedroom design to lighten your mood and help you get comfortable, so here are some useful tips and tricks on how to design your bedroom. 


Generally it’s advisable to keep your bedroom walls in one calm tone (usually pastel or light browns and grays) without any distracting prints, but in order to brighten it up a bit and make it less boring, you can add some accessories and to highlight some features. Paintings are great for that purpose; for example, these peony flowers and tropical plants paintings are ideal for accentuating the walls of your bedroom for they’re not too vibrant but still fascinating. 


Great design comes with the ability to match. Best items to match each other with are bedding sets, curtains and rugs — you have to make sure that they come in the same color scheme and pattern. For instance, this plush ruffled bedding set would work perfectly with this soft bedroom rug; moreover, you can choose them in brighter colors to add accents to your bedroom and make it more vivid!


It’s usually small things that truly create coziness in your bedroom, which is why you have to pay special attention to what decorations you choose, and yes — they are also supposed to match theq general style! Take a look at this dream catcher — it is perfect for the embroidery bedding sets, and this minimalist dear head sculpture is a great match for these geometric printed curtains.   

Remember these three tips when choosing accessories for you bedroom and find many more items to boost your inspiration here!

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